Art Experimentos are bilingual workshops with a focus in process-driven art, building fine motor skills, while promoting creative thinking and discovery. 

These collaborative workshops started in 2018 in the kitchen of our apartment in Ridgewood, Queens. Artists, friends and neighbors met for 1 hour, together we created work with our kids. As the group grew older, the program developed as classes with a contemporary art focus, and a special interest for discovering work by Female-identifying artists.

founder, Art Experimentos

Alva is a multi-faceted artist from Mexico City who works in New York. CalyMayor’s works respond to immediate social and political changes in the (broad sense of) community.

She creates with multiple mediums and various ideas, her work is connected by the profound and deep seated research she does on the subject matter. CalyMayor’s physical work always has a hidden component to it, whether it is on the back or underneath the work, for the viewer to discove